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From defining your business concept to developing your first marketing plan, take the first step toward starting your small business with our new e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Business.
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Starting a small business involves a lot of decision-making, planning, and jumping through a series of legal and regulatory hoops. It can feel like a pretty complicated process with a lot of moving parts.

To help, we’ve put together this e-book full of guidance, tools, and resources.

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  • How to develop your business concept
  • What business structure will be best for your business
  • The steps to create a business plan
  • How to register your business
  • The importance of setting up your business finances
  • How to create your first marketing plan
  • And more!

At Bank of Hawaii, we're here to help you get the knowledge you need to feel confident every step of the way. Download the e-book today.

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